Jane’s Safe Schools Planning Guide for All Hazards


Authors: Michael Dorn, Gregory Thomas, Marleen Wong, Sonayia Shepherd
Released 2004
ISBN: 0-7106-2659-2
Softbound: 450 pages

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The Comprehensive Guide to Building a Safe School Plan Safe Schools Planning Guide for All Hazards 

Jane’s Safe Schools Planning Guide for All Hazards is a textbook-sized reference for school planners tasked with designing, implementing and maintaining a safe school plan. 

Every school should have an effective, locality-specific emergency plan in place; this crucial guide will assist in developing such a plan. Written by four experts with decades of experience in the school safety field, Jane’s Safe Schools Planning Guide for All Hazards provides a comprehensive step-by-step approach that addresses all your school safety needs – from mitigation/prevention and preparedness planning, to response and recovery procedures. Also included to aid you in implementing your plan are easy to follow checklists and advice, and samples from safe school planning documents currently being employed. 

Contents include:

  • Safe school standards, roles and responsibilities 
  • Preparedness, mitigation/prevention, response and recovery strategy development 
  • Characteristics of violent youth 
  • Vulnerability and threat assessments for schools 
  • Training, education, evaluation and exercises 
  • Developing contact lists 
  • Disaster planning 
  • Preparing for and managing stress